10 Things You’ll Never Regret Doing

We’re all faced with choices every day, but some things will ALWAYS make life better….

1 – Following your passion

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? How would it feel to live your dream life? What tiny step could you take today, towards creating a life you truly love? There are always obstacles on the path to anything worth having – the trick is to figure your way around real obstacles, and to recognise excuses and fear for what they really are. You have one unique life – live it YOUR way!

2 – Choosing food that nourishes your body

If we’re going to live big, we need a well-cared for vehicle for the journey! Making food choices that you feel great about is always a smart move, both physically and psychologically. Eating junk sends the message to your brain and body that that’s what you deserve – an unhelpful message if ever there was one! Nourishing your body with real, fresh, unprocessed food is a huge step to being the most alive version of you. And when you do want to indulge, go for the REAL version of treat foods. Love chocolate? Choose some divine handmade truffles over mass-produced rubbish. Drooling for a burger and chips? Go for the gourmet version over something in a polystyrene box. Buy less, and buy better.

3 – Going on a new adventure

It’s a big wonderful world out there, and there are millions of experiences to have. Want to learn a new skill, go trekking in the jungle, climb a mountain, retreat on a beach? Make it happen! You’re the only one who can.

4 – Getting your finances in order

It’s dull, but think of it as giving yourself the gift of freedom from the awful creep of money anxiety. Put your big girl/boy pants on, and take a really honest look at credit card debt and spending habits. It’s the equivalent of shining a torch under the bed to make the monsters go away – it might be uncomfortable at first, but it’s ALWAYS better to know where you stand.

5 – Going to bed an hour earlier

We’re basically cavepeople living in a chronically stressful, 24 hour society, and most of us are frequently exhausted. Give yourself what you need and try going to bed an hour earlier. The you of tomorrow will thank you for it!

6 – Doing something – anything – that makes your spirit come alive, every day

It’s so easy to get caught up in adulting that we forget to play! What do you enjoy the most? What makes you forget time and your spirit soar? Singing at the top of your voice, colouring-in, dancing, playing with animals, watching your favourite band? Think of the things that bring you sheer, for the hell of it, unadulterated joy – and do more of them!

7 – Getting the meditation habit

Calmer mind, less worry, better sleep – where do we sign up?! Like anything, it’s getting started with meditation that’s the tricky part, and like anything, starting small is the key. Decide when might be a good time of day for you – first thing in the morning or last thing at night are usually best – and simply sit down and notice how your breathing moves your body, and the feel of the air in and out of your nostrils. Start with just 10 breaths, and do it every day. It’s said to take 30 days to form a new habit, and once you’re a meditator, you’ll never look back.

8 – Spending more time with your tribe

Your tribe is the group of people who support you, who lift you up and cheer you on, and for whom you do the same in return. Choosing to spend more time with people who you love and who inspire you is always a heart-warming decision.

9 – Being the bigger person

We’ve all been there – on the receiving end of an unhappy and frustrated person lashing out. (Tip – it might not have anything to do with you. We never really know what’s going on with someone else, so try not to take things too personally.) You can choose to react and get defensive, lashing out in return – or you can mentally take a step back and ask yourself ‘what would a wise person do?’ Being the bigger person may not feel like the most satisfying thing at the time, but choosing to make your point calmly and compassionately will always leave you feeling proud of yourself later. This is not about being a doormat and letting yourself be bullied – it’s about being true to yourself and behaving in a way that allows you to express your feeling and needs whilst keeping your held held high.

10 – Yoga practice

Well you knew this would be on the list, right? Some days you really won’t feel like it, but the hardest part is getting on the mat, whether that means rolling it out at home or showing up for a class. Once you’re there, the rest will follow. The truth is, I have NEVER got to the end of my practice, and thought ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’. Never. At the end of my practice – even if it’s just a mini one – I ALWAYS feel better than I did when I started, and recognising that keeps me showing up, day after day, no matter what. Yoga just makes life easier – and we could all use some of that!

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