(Look Great in Your) Knickers-bocker Glory

This is nutrient dense and SO filling – it’s great for mornings when you’re super-hungry or if you might not have much time for lunch. I’m a late-breakfaster generally, so I’ll often have it as brunch.

Ingredients (serves 1)

 2 tablespoons white chia seeds

100ml your preferred milk – I like coconut or almond

1 tablespoon your preferred plain or vanilla protein powder (try to find one with simply the protein source and vanilla extract, no additional nasties, from a health food shop)

1 tablespoon flaxseed oil

Half an avocado, diced

1 heaped tablespoon shredded or dessicated coconut

3 generous tablespoons plain or vanilla Greek yoghurt

Handful frozen blueberries,

Scattering of your favourite chopped nuts and seeds for topping – I like pecans and pumpkin seeds


 Mix the chia seeds and milk together in a glass of your choice – I use a 12oz tumbler – and leave to stand for a few minutes whilst the chia plumps up. In a separate dish, microwave the bluberries on full power for one minute so they become like a hot sauce. Then add the protein and the oil to the chia mixture and stir well. Now add the other ingredients in layers, so the avocado is next, followed by the coconut, then the yoghurt, then the warm blueberries, and finally the nuts and seeds. Get stuck in!

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