Yoga Therapy to Reduce Anxiety - Four Part Online Course

Learn fast-acting, reliable techniques to reduce anxiety with this four part video course.

Over the years many clients have come to me looking for ways to alleviate moderate to severe anxiety, and time and again I have seen the tools I share with you in this course work incredibly effectively to liberate my clients from their anxiety.

The course consists of four, one-hour video practices during which you’ll learn about what happens in your nervous system when you feel anxious, and what to do when you feel it happening, as well as ways to reduce your overall ‘baseline’ anxiety. You also receive supporting PDFs to help you remember what you’ve learnt.

Yoga therapy is about giving you simple tools to help yourself – absolutely no yoga experience is required in order to benefit from this course.

  • Education about what happens to your body when you’re feeling anxious
  • Simple, easy to follow video practices with immediate anxiety reduction effects
  • PDF reminders to help you learn
  • Powerfully effective tools that you can use anywhere and which you have for life
  • Reduced anxiety, immediately and long-term
  • Better sleep
  • Protection from the health-damaging effects of unmanaged stress
  • Increased enjoyment of life

Your investment

£60 to equip yourself with tools to reduce your anxiety, for life.
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