Eat Your Frog!

Wow, it’s easy to procrastinate isn’t it? I never need to schedule cleaning out the drawers in my house because I know they’ll be spotless come tax return time. Things that never even occur to me to do the rest of the year suddenly become of paramount importance and great interest – and I know I’m doing it, but it’s just really hard to knuckle down to boring tasks sometimes. The silliest thing is that I know I’ll feel great once ‘it’ is done, and in the meantime ‘it’ hangs over me like a black cloud and niggles away at me. But I’ll find any excuse to dodge those jobs I don’t like.

Then a very wise woman told me to eat my frog.

What the what??

If you HAD to eat a frog every day in order to live – no questions, no negotiations, as grim as it may be you have to eat it to stay alive – when would you do it?

First thing, right?

So in the same way as I no longer clean and tidy my house but ‘clear energy traps’ (hey, it works for me) I’m reframing those dull-but-necessary tasks as frogs to be eaten. Only one a day, and maybe for a set time, say three hours.

But Kermie’s gonna get it. Sorry Piggy.

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