6 Ways to Feel Better, Instantly

Whether it’s an everyday case of feeling a bit down in the dumps, or a more serious visit from depression, here are six quick and simple ways to make yourself feel a tiny bit better than you do right now.

1 – Perform a tiny act of self-care. Things like:

– Unwrapping your feet and giving them some love. Trim your toenails, scrub away dead skin and spend a minute massaging some moisturiser in.

– Making a snack that your body will thank you for – a cup of green tea and some sliced fresh fruit for example.

– Brushing your teeth. A fresh, clean mouth always feels good.

– Having a stretch. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying down, try taking some neck or side stretches, or maybe a reclining twist – anything that feels delicious.

2 – Lend someone a hand. Research has repeatedly shown that the act of helping others has a positive effect on mood and feelings of self-worth and helps us to shift focus away from our own troubles. So drop a family member a text to let them know that you’re thinking of them, make a colleague a coffee, or offer to do a favour for a friend. Everybody wins.

3 – Keep it clean. A quick burst of domestic activity gets your endorphins (the happy brain chemicals) going, and the result (an improved environment) is more pleasant to be in. Even a five minute cleaning sprint will shift you into a slightly better headspace.

4 – Go for a walk. Nobody ever came back from a quick stroll in the fresh air and said ‘I wish I hadn’t done that.’ Ditto pretty much any form of exercise.

5 – Start a ‘big-up’ file. Think back to compliments you’ve received, uplifting comments people have made about you, positive feedback you’ve had about things you’ve done. Save them in a document on your computer or write them down in a notebook and look at them any time you need a little boost. Add to the list whenever you get a new positive comment, and make a file in your email program where you can keep positive messages of thanks and goodwill.

6 – Smile. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a fake and the real thing, so fake it till you make it, and trick yourself into feeling better!

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