4 rituals to juice up your life

I wake before dawn. I get up, brush my teeth, light a candle and some incense, make a pot of tea and take a cushion outside, where I sit in the open air and meditate.

These Songs of Freedom – are you letting who you’ve been, hold you back from who you might become?

Our sense of self begins to arise in infancy, and develops until we have a solid experience of ourselves as individuals by the age of five. Over the years this identity gets fleshed out with

Your top 3 tools for reducing anxiety

Recently I’ve been teaching a Yoga Therapy for Anxiety workshop at a number of great studios in South-East Queensland. In yoga therapy we work from the principle that a human being is made up of

4 Ways to Beat Sedentary Habits and Live Longer

Sitting down is killing us. Numerous studies show that, whilst many of us need to increase our moderate to high-impact exercise, the really dangerous aspect of modern life lurks in every office, every home and

Do No Ham – the musings of a reluctant vegetarian

When I describe myself as a reluctant vegetarian, people often ask ‘why do it, if you’re reluctant?’ It’s a fair question - the only person stopping me from eating meat and fish is me, so

Learning To Fly

  What did you get up to last Sunday? If you were at Andy Gill’s workshop at The Yoga Hutch, hosted by fellow long-time senior teacher Sarah Vaughan, you would have learnt how to be

Five ways to make the most of your life right now

Today is the last day of our two week Thai retreat, and I’m writing this in our treehouse in the wildly beautiful Koh Phangan jungle as it pours with rain. It’s been tropical-storming all morning,

I’m not very good at yoga.

Holy handstands Batman, if I had a peanut-butter cup for every time I’ve heard that I’d be a very well-padded yogini indeed! It’s up there with ‘I’d like to try yoga but I’m not flexible’

The Beauty of Balance Part 2

Those of you who have signed up for my newsletter (and thank you, it’s had a fantastic response!) will know that I've been musing recently about finding balance in our lives - between work and

Same fit, different way – why my two jobs are one and the same

At first glance, it seems that the roles of monitor engineer and yoga teacher have nothing at all in common, yet the more I do of both, the more I realise just how alike they are.