Learn to Meditate – 4 week foundation course

Learn to meditate

4 week foundation course 

£40 per person – contact me here if you would like me to run this from your centre.

We hear more and more about how meditation can make life easier and reduce stress in our fast paced world,but how do you get started? And what if you have no time?

On this course of four, hour long classes, you will learn how to bring the wonderful benefits of meditation into your everyday life in a time frame that is manageable for you.

We explore different styles of meditation and find the one that you most enjoy and feel comfortable with. We will work with developing your meditation at home during the four weeks, and explore your experiences and preferences. The goal is to make meditation both accessible and something to look forward to.

Week by week we will progress to a point where you feel confident in making your meditation practice part of everyday life and so can enjoy the many wonderful benefits it has to offer. Participants will receive a CD of Becky’s guided meditation at the end of the course.

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