What I Offer

Online Holistic Coaching and Mentoring

I have overcome significant obstacles to create an incredibly fulfilling life for myself, and now I can help you to do the same. Holistic life coaching is a pro-active way to find your direction and create a life that you truly love. Everyone has the answers to their own problems within them, and I work with you to help you unlock you potential, overcome obstacles (both external and internal – very often we are the ones holding ourselves back), and explore and achieve your aims. I work with you to expand your horizons and make the practical changes that will have you waking up each morning feeling inspired and excited to start your day. 

We all need someone to bounce ideas off from time to time – a mentor – and sometimes it’s easier if that person isn’t directly involved in your life, or is already successfully walking the path that you’re on. Maybe you’re starting out in the music business and would like to pick the brains of someone who’s been there and done it? Maybe you’re a new yoga teacher and you’d like to have the support of someone more experienced? Maybe you’re having difficulty with your audio set-up for Zoom teaching? Or maybe you’re going through some changes or tough times and could use an ear? These are all scenarios which I have extensive experience with, so let me help you with mentoring.

What to expect: Prior to the first session you will be sent an intake form which should be returned to me at least 48 hours before our appointment. A typical session will consist of our discussion; some short written self-enquiry exercises; and depending on your needs, we may explore some relaxation or lifestyle management tools.

60 minute Zoom session – £60

4 x 60 minute Zoom sessions – £200

You have the option to pay in advance for session 1 and then decide to use the ‘4-pack’ offer, in which case you simply pay the balance before session 2.

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Online Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the professional application of the principles and practices of yoga to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalised assessment, lifestyle management and yoga practices.

I provide individual yoga therapy sessions, which draw on the many tools of yoga to help you make your own life a better place to be. Yoga therapy is an active therapy, meaning that you take an active role in your own care by doing the prescribed practices both in session and at home. It is a holistic modality, meaning that we address the whole of your human experience – the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual, as appropriate.

When you book a four-session yoga therapy course, you will receive an intake form which should be completed and returned to me at least 48 hours before our first session. A typical session will include discussion, gentle movement, breathwork and relaxation.

The initial session is 75 minutes to allow time for us to discuss the information on your intake form, and to gather additional information about how you breathe, stand, and move. We will work together to develop a short practice to address your areas of concern, which will be written down for you to practise with at home. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

Why four sessions?

You are a unique individual and yoga therapy is a process – this is a totally bespoke therapy, not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment. Over the course of four sessions we’ll explore what works for you and what doesn’t; we’ll investigate together to get to the bottom of what’s going on for you; and I will teach you the tools to use, to manage and improve your situation.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

Four sessions is a commitment, and you need to know if my service feels like a good fit for you. That’s why I’m offering you a totally free 15 minute consultation meeting on Zoom to discuss your objectives and what you hope to get from yoga therapy, and see if I can help you. If you don’t feel like booking in afterwards, that’s fine – there’s no obligation whatsoever. If you decide to go ahead, the course investment is £240.

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Private yoga classes and yoga events

Would you like private yoga tuition by yourself, or with a friend, or a group of friends? Perhaps you’d like to arrange an in-person or virtual retreat with friends? Contact me and let’s discuss the perfect bespoke yoga experience for you. I am also available for corporate yoga and healthy hen parties here in SE Queensland, please get in touch and let’s chat about what we can create!

'Yoga Therapy with Becky has given me more stability and focus. She is an excellent therapist with an empathetic nature, a great calm teacher, caring and understanding.'
'The speed of improvement I saw with Becky’s therapy has motivated me to work at improving my practice. I enjoyed becoming aware that regular practice could have such a big effect. Building on improvements week to week was very satisfying, and motivating. The discussions I had with Becky were also very therapeutic in their own way, getting me to think about and become aware of things, including simple things such as energy levels, sleeping, how I was feeling and reacting to things etc. Just having the awareness has been helpful.'
'I feel very grateful to be able to work with you, you have very strong intuition and know exactly where I am.'
'It feels so extremely good to be able to talk to someone.'
'It was so lovely to chat to you this morning - I always come away from our conversations feeling really happy and uplifted and very inspired to continue.'
'That was such a great session we had! I can't tell you how pleased I am to be doing this work... I've had such a productive day.'
'You are a superstar! Thank you very much.... I am rather impressed with how motivated I am with this work!'
'Thank you for showing me that there can be a beautiful balance. You have inspired me to not only get off of my ass and make something of myself but also to get back into yoga & meditation and make it part of my life as it should be.'
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