Yoga Scandal: when gurus fall from grace

It’s an unfortunate fact that yoga has recently suffered the fall from grace of some of those who popularised it in the Western world. From John Friend (Anusara) to Bikram Choudary (Bikram) to the late

Sleep Guide for Anxiety

Anxiety and insomnia are two of the most common stress-related complaints of our modern age. The two disorders are also interrelated: when we feel anxious we tend to lose sleep, and when we're not sleeping

The Right to Refuse

You are allowed to say no. I know, revolutionary right? There are lots of things in life that I almost always say yes to: adventures, cups of tea, spa treatments, the chance to stroke an

11 ways to up your healthiness habit without breaking the bank

When I was studying to become a Yoga Therapist, my college was located right across the street from a major trendy health-food chain. Everything in there was SO inviting, and it was a delicious treat

Seeing Round Corners

There have been several times in my life when I had no idea what I was getting into. Times when, had I known, I would have backed away - said no, never, not for me

My Yoga Journey – and what you can expect from practising with me

Several people have asked me recently what style of yoga I study / practise / teach, so I thought I’d explain a bit about my own yoga journey and what it’s led me to share.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

You’ve almost certainly heard of the benefits of the 5:2 intermittent fasting plan, where you eat freely for five days a week and restrict your calorie intake to five hundred or less for the remaining

Selling the Dream – do you know when it’s time to cut your losses?

I’ve had a couple of lovely messages and conversations recently where people have remarked that I have my fingers in a number of different pies (they put it more eloquently, but that’s what it boils

My Top Travel Tips for Asian Adventures

South-East Asia is my favourite region of the world. I’ve spent a lot of time here over the years, both touring with bands (challenging) and for leisure and yoga (best ever), and along the way

4 rituals to juice up your life

I wake before dawn. I get up, brush my teeth, light a candle and some incense, make a pot of tea and take a cushion outside, where I sit in the open air and meditate.