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Learn to meditate in a month

In this course of 31 videos (and a bonus treat at the end) we start small and build up from five minutes to twenty minutes over the month.

It starts as a ‘somewhat guided’ meditation style, meaning that I guide you into the process, and as it becomes more familiar and we sit for longer, I talk less and leave more space so that you can enter into your inner experience. The aim is for you to learn HOW to meditate rather than being dependent on guidance – to develop a daily meditation habit with my support, with the intention of you continuing independently after the month. 

Not sure if it’s for you? Click here to try the first three for free, and if you want to continue, contact me for payment details. It’s £15 or $20US or $30 Aussie or €20 for the whole month – I can take payment in a variety of currencies.

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Recorded meditation

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