6 Ways To Hold Onto That Retreat Feeling

So you’re back home after a yoga retreat. You’ve had a week of blissful surroundings, daily yoga and meditation, plentiful massages and wonderful healthy food. You’re feeling great and are keen to make this break

Do No Ham – the musings of a reluctant vegetarian

When I describe myself as a reluctant vegetarian, people often ask ‘why do it, if you’re reluctant?’ It’s a fair question - the only person stopping me from eating meat and fish is me, so

My Real-Life Insta-Story

Hashtags. Who would have thought, 10 years ago, that that little symbol would become such a regular part of life… heck, 10 years ago who even envisaged social media becoming what it has? Whilst I

Magic carpet ride – choosing your yoga mat

My first yoga mat was crap. I think most people's are - as a brand new yogi it's hard to know what you're looking for, and you certainly don't know how much the right mat

RocknRoll Yogi Recipes – an easy lunch and a warming drink

Bohemian Wrapsody (sorry)   A firm favourite in our house, these wraps make a delicious, easy and healthy lunch or supper. If you’re vegan, you can replace the eggs with silken tofu.   Serves 2

I Got A Feeling – How To Connect With Your Intuition and Always* Know What To Do

*Ok, mostly Have you ever done something, had it go wrong, and then say ‘I KNEW I should have done x’? We live in a very mind-centric society, where rationale, logic and thinking are highly

Things I Used To Believe, Back When I Knew Everything

My mum has a saying: ‘She who expects nothing will never be disappointed’. It used to irk me because I thought it was deeply pessimistic, flew in the face of ambition and self-improvement, and implied

Healthy Living and Tales From The Dark Side

If you’re reading this then I’m guessing that you’re at least somewhat interested in healthy living. Really, who wouldn’t be ‘interested in healthy living’ - I mean most of us want to feel good and

Rocking Regular Meals

For a meal to make a regular appearance on my menu, it has to meet a few demands. It has to be delicious; it has to be healthy; it has to be fairly quick and

6 More Ways to Feel Better, Instantly

In my last post I shared some easy ways to give yourself an instant lift, be that out of a common or garden bad mood, or a more serious visit from depression. They all follow