Behind The Mask – daring to be you

Who are you? I don’t mean what’s your name and where do you come from, I mean, who are you deep inside? Who are you in your quietest moments, with no-one to impress and no

(Look Great in Your) Knickers-bocker Glory

This is nutrient dense and SO filling – it’s great for mornings when you’re super-hungry or if you might not have much time for lunch. I’m a late-breakfaster generally, so I’ll often have it as

10 Things You’ll Never Regret Doing

We’re all faced with choices every day, but some things will ALWAYS make life better…. 1 - Following your passion What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? How would it feel to

The REAL Seven Signs of Ageing

Let me start by saying that, at 40, I’m an embryo compared with where I hope to wind up. (Centenarian yogi with long grey locks, a tribe of animals and aged hippies, my home full

Tour Tribe

‘Human beings are social animals. Biological evolution equipped men and women for a communal existence, hunting and foraging in tribes of between twenty and forty people. We could never have survived this ecological niche by

Woman Up

It’s an inescapable fact that the music business is a male-dominated industry. Lately I’ve noticed a springing-up of more discussion groups and surveys focusing on the roles of women in touring, and why there aren’t

Twenty Years a Roadie

  Exactly 20 years ago today I began my life as a professional sound engineer! At 9 am I walked into RG Jones Sound Engineering in London full of a heady mix of ambition and

Stress Attack – How To Deal When It All Gets A Bit Much

  Stress: more is being demanded of you than you feel able to deliver.   For much of my adult life I was a one-trick pony. I simply mixed sound for bands for a living,

The great spiritual foundations of…. poo and sleep.

‘Let it go.’ ‘Chill out.’ Surely two of the most trite and irritating phrases to come out of the 20th century - I mean, talk about easier said than done! - but behind the bumper

Healthy Burns’ Night Cranachan

  Ohhhh, Cranachan. Raspberries, oats, honey.... and shortbread, whipped cream and whisky. So good and yet so bad..... So here's a very simple but more virtuous version if you're on the home straight of that January health