Your Body Is Not A Moshpit – how to stay healthy and out of trouble on tour.

Full disclosure: up until about 12 years ago my body was most definitely a moshpit and I did not stay either healthy nor out of trouble on tour. I wasn’t the worst you’ve ever seen,

The Terrorist Inside – the ninja move for beating anxiety

Many years ago I decided to learn to deep-sea dive. I loved ocean documentaries and wanted to see all the cool stuff that was down there with my own eyes. I booked myself on a

4 Ways to Beat Sedentary Habits and Live Longer

Sitting down is killing us. Numerous studies show that, whilst many of us need to increase our moderate to high-impact exercise, the really dangerous aspect of modern life lurks in every office, every home and

4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety, Now

Racing heart, shallow breath, dry mouth, jittery stomach, fear, mind swirling with 'what ifs', wanting to be somewhere, anywhere, but where you are right now..... Studies suggest that between 1 in 6 and and 1

New to Yoga? 5 reasons why retreats are for you!

When I chat to people about my love of running yoga retreats, one of the comments I often hear is: ‘I’d love to go on a retreat but I’m not experienced enough at yoga’. I

The Relaxation Response – how to feel calmer and sleep better

Anxiety and insomnia are, unfortunately, very common in modern life. We’re constantly on alert from various devices, much of our work involves looking at screens, and few of us take enough time out amongst nature

The Four Attitudes

Ah, Christmas. A time of peace on Earth and goodwill to all… which is easy to feel at some times during the festive season, and definitely not at others! Family gatherings are notorious for bringing

After The Storm

The storm started innocuously enough. I was busy backing up my computer hard drive and didn’t even notice it had started raining until the hammering on the metal roof became so insistent that I went

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Daisy – a decadent burger that no-one has to die for!

I’ve written before about being a reluctant vegetarian; that is, I like the ethos of not harming living creatures just marginally more than I like how a lot of them taste fresh off the barbie!

6 Ways To Hold Onto That Retreat Feeling

So you’re back home after a yoga retreat. You’ve had a week of blissful surroundings, daily yoga and meditation, plentiful massages and wonderful healthy food. You’re feeling great and are keen to make this break